Register for JIT 2019

  • Description: General online registration for January in Tucson 2019. Registration is open to all. The online platform provides a credit card payment opportunity upon completion of the form. ALL JIT 2019 PARTICIPANTS MUST REGISTER. (NOTE: For pre-paid cohorts and U of A students, please contact for registration discount codes as appropriate.)
  • Requirements: none
  • Deadline Extended: January 1st, 2019

Apply for the Tribal Professionals Cohort for JIT 2019

  • Description: Application for the 2019 Tribal Professionals' Cohort. U.S.-based tribal leaders and professionals are encouraged to apply to attend JIT 2019 via the selective Tribal Professionals' Cohort program. Successful applicants will have their tuition waived, and have their transport and accommodation costs covered by the Native Nations Institute. (NOTE: Prior TPC members are NOT eligible to reapply to the TPC.)
  • Requirements:A resumé and a personal statement. Please prepare these docs for upload prior to beginning the application process.
  • Deadline: December 7th, 2018

Apply for Merit-Based Financial Aid and/or the Graduate Program

  • Description: University of Arizona and Indigenous Governance Program, merit-based financial aid application. For University of Arizona students, financial aid is provided through the U of A Financial Aid Office. Non-U of A participants may apply for merit-based financial aid through the Indigenous Governance Program (IGP). IGP financial aid is modest, and limited. Please apply early to ensure full consideration.
  • Requirements: A resumé, a personal statement, and unofficial school transcripts. Please prepare these docs for upload prior to beginning the application process.
  • Deadline: Varies. IGP financial aid is considered on a rolling, first-come, first-served basis.