Stephanie Russo Carroll, DrPH, MPH

Associate Professor, Public Health and American Indian Studies Graduate Program
Affiliate Faculty, College of Law
Associate Research Professor, Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy
Director, Collaboratory for Indigenous Data Governance

Stephanie Russo Carroll (Ahtna-Native Village of Kluti-Kaah) is Associate Research Professor, Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy (UC) and the Native Nations Institute (NNI) in the UC; Associate Professor in the Community, Environment and Policy Department, Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health (MEZCOPH); Associate Professor, American Indian Studies Graduate Interdisciplinary Program; and Affiliate Faculty, College of Law at the University of Arizona (UA). Stephanie directs the Collaboratory for Indigenous Data Governance.

Stephanie's research explores the links between Indigenous governance, data, the environment, and community wellness. Her interdisciplinary research network, the Collaboratory for Indigenous Data Governance, develops research, policy, and practice innovations for Indigenous Data Sovereignty. IIndigenous Data Sovereignty draws on the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples that reaffirms the rights of Indigenous Peoples to control data about their peoples and communities, lands and non-human relations, and cultures and languages. The Collaboratory’s research, teaching, and engagement seek to transform institutional governance and ethics for Indigenous control of Indigenous data, particularly within open science, open data, and big data contexts. The Collaboratory primarily partners with Indigenous Peoples in the US Southwest and the Arctic, as well as an international network of Indigenous Data Sovereignty and Governance experts. Collaboratory members also often partner with communities to which they belong. Stephanie offers Indigenous women-led mentoring of undergraduate students through junior faculty and research staff with the goal of producing policy-relevant research through skill and knowledge acquisition. The Collaboratory’s disciplinary breadth includes public health, law, business, geography, library and information sciences, data science, sociology, social work, public policy, and environmental and climate sciences.

Stephanie co-founded the US Indigenous Data Sovereignty Network and the International Indigenous Data Sovereignty Group at the Research Data Alliance, and is a founding member and current chair of the Global Indigenous Data Alliance (GIDA). Stephanie co-edited the book Indigenous Data Sovereignty and Policy and led the publication of the CARE Principles for Indigenous Data Governance. Stephanie was a founding member of the UAs American Indian and Indigenous Health Alliance Club at MEZCOPH and is a founding member and past president for the UA Native Faculty, working to support the recruitment and retention of Indigenous students and faculty at the UA. Stephanie is a founding board member for the Copper River Tribal College in Chitina, Alaska. Stephanie received her AB from Cornell University and MPH and DrPH from MEZCOPH.