Suzy Brown

Research Administrator, Research, Discovery & Innovation (RDI) Business Center

Suzy Brown is the Research Administrator for the Research, Discovery & Innovation (RDI) Business Center.  She received her Bachelor of Science from Boston College and her Master of Business Administration from the University of Arizona. She has over 14 years of experience with the University of Arizona.  She started her career as an Accounting Specialist in the Social, Water and Environmental Science department.  Then she moved over to the Financial Services Office as a Fund Accountant.  She has worked with the Udall Center on Post-Award activities since 2011 in various capacities.  Suzy works as the Account Manager for the Native Nations Institute (NNI).  She helps the department to manage their budgets, actuals and projections.  Additionally, she assists with the development of the Eventbrite tool for January in Tucson (JIT) under the Indigenous Governance Program (IGP).