The Indigenous Governance Program (IGP) provides opportunities for individuals interested in a deep, practical understanding of indigenous governance and rights. With courses designed and taught by an internationally renowned faculty, the IGP provides a combination of live and online learning options. Among them is January in Tucson (JIT), a three-week intensive program of courses that draws an international group of tribal leaders and other professionals who learn together and share ideas about how to strengthen Indigenous governance. JIT is designed specifically for working tribal professionals searching for information, analysis, and learnings that can help them strengthen the governance of their nations.

Student testimonials


"...I've actually had a shift, like a paradigm shift, which is [an] incredible thing to happen to somebody that's been working for over 20 years in Indian Country..."

Elva "Cookie" Allen | JIT 2017

Owner, Advanced Management Strategies


“We bring in faculty, people who have a variety of experience, and depth, and in this nation-building revolution that has been going on, and many of the lessons that they share are stories from Indian Country.”

Jaime Pinkham (Nez Perce) | JIT Faculty 2012-present

Executive Director, Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission


"January in Tucson is important because it brings together indigenous critically think about things and get into those uncomfortable spaces.. as a group of young indigenous leaders trying to advance our interests. If you want to talk about building nations... this is the place to be."

Kluane Adamek (Kluane First Nation) | JIT 2017 & Simon Fraser Cohort Member

Director of Government Relations, Northwestel


"JIT has offered a lot of insight into how other tribal communities have dealt with issues... and learning about different examples of how tribes have pursued their identity and demonstrated self-determination. The next step is trying to see if we can make those efforts in our community too."

Mikhail Sundust (Gila River) | JIT 2016

Acting Managing Editor, Gila River Indian News


"When I take courses in professional development it really re-ignites my fire, my passion. What do I want to do moving forward? How can use what I learn here, the tools, for my people?"

Nicole Charley (Confederated Tribe of Warm Springs) | JIT 2017 & Tribal Professionals Cohort Member

Executive Assistant, Office of the Executive Director, Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission


"...these are things that I am dealing with right now, from an executive standpoint, and these are issues that I need to have more resources on. It's empowering to see these other professionals and what they are doing. All courses apply and had answers for me that I couldn’t get from nowhere else."

Tiger Brown Bull (Oglala Sioux Tribe) | JIT 2017 & Tribal Professionals Cohort Member

Executive Director, Oglala Sioux Tribe


“Power, self-governance, and self-determination…now I know the information to back it up and how to implement that with the nation.”

Rachel Hood (Yavapai-Apache Nation) | JIT 2017 & Tribal Professionals Cohort Member

Councilwoman, Yavapai-Apache Nation


“ gives another perspective of self-governance and what strong institutions are in our communities and how those can culturally match or culturally fit in terms of their relationships within the wider communities.”

Dean Jarrett (Gumbayngirr) | JIT 2016

PhD Candidate and Fulbright Fellow, University of Technology, Sydney Australia

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