The Indigenous Governance Program (IGP) provides educational opportunities for individuals interested in a deep, practical understanding of indigenous governance and rights. Our internationally renowned faculty teach a combination of live and online courses.

Among them is January in Tucson (JIT), a three-week intensive program that draws an international group of tribal leaders and other professionals to learn together and share ideas about how to strengthen Indigenous governance.



“When you’re here, you meet people from all different communities...around the world. That’s learning that you can’t get in very many places.”

Joy Cramer (Sagkeeng First Nation) | JIT 2018

Director of Indigenous Programs, Simon Fraser University


"When I take courses in professional development it really re-ignites my fire, my passion. What do I want to do moving forward? How can use what I learn here, the tools, for my people?"

Nicole Charley (Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs) | JIT 2017 & Tribal Professionals Cohort Member

Executive Assistant, Office of the Executive Director, Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission


"JIT has offered a lot of insight into how other tribal communities have dealt with issues... how tribes have pursued their identity and demonstrated self-determination. The next step is trying to see if we can make those efforts in our community too."

Mikhail Sundust (Gila River) | JIT 2016

Acting Managing Editor, Gila River Indian News


“The seven generations behind me, I want to be there to help them lead a good path. The level of teaching here is beyond any scope that I've seen.”

Louis de Jaeger (Red River Settlement Michif) | JIT 2017 & Simon Fraser University eMBA Cohort 2016-2019 Member

President, Stó:lō Business Association

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