A unique professional development and graduate education program providing a deep, practical understanding of Indigenous governance and rights

Indigenous Governance Program at the University of Arizona


How and why do Indigenous nations reclaim effective self-governing power? What is working and where?

Our curriculum is based on decades of on-the-ground research, analysis, and case studies by the people who literally wrote the book on Indigenous nation building.


Do what’s useful for you: take one 3-day January in Tucson course, take several, take online courses, or enroll in a certificate or degree program.

All credits earned during JIT may apply toward our Continuing Education Certificate. JIT credits earned on a not-for-university-credit basis may replace required Grad Program courses.


Meet other tribal professionals and leaders who are working to assert their nations’ sovereignty.

Learn from the experiences of other Native nations that are strengthening Indigenous governance.


January in Tucson

Our Annual Indigenous Education Event

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"JIT provides a world perspective, not just a tribal perspective... it's been instrumental in helping me understand that governance is not just about leaders, its about a long-term vision that includes the community."

Thomasene Cardona (Yavapai-Apache Nation)
Tribal Councilmember, Yavapai-Apache Nation



"This has given me a bigger range of knowledge on issues that I know are going to help me as we make decisions as an Executive Committee. I've been able to talk to other tribal leaders about our future needs in the field of intergovernance."

Vanessa Vance (Wichita and Affiliated Tribes)
Tribal Treasurer, Wichita and Affiliated Tribes


“The seven generations behind me, I want to be there to help them lead a good path. The level of teaching here is beyond any scope that I've seen.”

Louis de Jaeger (Red River Settlement Michif)
President, Stó:lō Business Association


"When I take courses in professional development it really re-ignites my fire, my passion. What do I want to do moving forward? How can use what I learn here, the tools, for my people?"

Nicole Charley (Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs)
Executive Assistant, Office of the Executive Director, Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission


"...I've actually had a shift, like a paradigm shift, which is [an] incredible thing to happen to somebody that's been working for over 20 years in Indian Country..."

Elva "Cookie" Allen
Owner, Advanced Management Strategies



“Power, self-governance, and self-determination…now I know the information to back it up and how to implement that with the nation.”

Rachel Hood (Yavapai-Apache Nation)
Councilwoman, Yavapai-Apache Nation



"The task is to rebuild our nations."

-Chief Oren Lyons, Onondaga Nation