January in Tucson Courses

Indigenous Governance Program January in Tucson Courses

Comparative Indigenous Governance

Stephen Cornell, PhD & Daryle Rigney

Comparative Legal Systems and
Their Role in Nation Building

Robert A. Williams, Jr., JD

Constitutions of Indigenous Nations

Miriam Jorgensen, PhD & Alison Vivian

Creating Indigenous Entrepreneurs

Chris Derickson & Mark Selman

The Evidence for Native Nation Building

Miriam Jorgensen, PhD &  Jonathan Taylor

Indigenous Data Sovereignty

Desi Rodgriguez-Lonebear, PhD & Randy Akee, PhD

Indigenous Leadership for Native Nation Building

Karen Diver & Chellie Spiller, PhD

Indigenous Organizations

Cheryl Ellenwood, MA & Danielle Hiraldo, MPA, PhD   

Indigenous Peoples and the Environment

Torivio A. Fodder, JD, SJD & Dr. Robert Joseph, LLB, LLM, PhD 

Indigenous Peoples' Rights Under
International Law

Seánna Howard

Indigenous Research Governance

Stephanie Russo Carroll, DrPH, MPH & Dominique David-Chavez, PhD

Intergovernmental Relations

Del Laverdure & Jaime Pinkham 

Making Change Happen

Stephen Cornell, PhD & Miriam Jorgensen, PhD

Native Economic Development

Joan Timeche, MBA

Rebuilding Native Nations: An Introduction

Stephen Cornell, PhD

Tribal Business Law

Matthew L.M. Fletcher

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Cost of Online Attendance

To help meet the needs of Indigenous communities affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic, JIT 2021 will feature a one-time, COVID-19 Response Rate of $500 per course/credit (regular cost is $750). Courses will be live streamed via Zoom and all course materials will be available on UArizona's online course platform.

"JIT has offered a lot of insight into how other tribal communities have dealt with issues... how tribes have pursued their identity and demonstrated self-determination. The next step is trying to see if we can make those efforts in our community too."

Mikhail Sundust (Gila River), Acting Managing Editor, Gila River Indian News | JIT 2016