Native Economic Development

LAW525 | 1 credit

Joan Timeche 

June 20- June 22, 2022. 1:30PM-5:50PM. ONLINE.

As Indigenous Peoples enter the 21st century, economic development stands out as a critical challenge for the maintenance of their communities, identities, and status as sovereigns. This course examines the Indigenous governance issues surrounding economic development as a tool for helping Indigenous Peoples achieve their nation-building and tribal self-governance goals on their own terms. The course will address a broad range of questions including:  

  • How can Indigenous entrepreneurship, public finance, and nation-owned enterprises facilitate nation building and help assert practical sovereignty? 
  • What impacts might tribal constitutional reform have upon development of an Indigenous nation’s legal infrastructure, education, social welfare, and cultural preservation? 
  • What procurement issues impact Indigenous nations’ securitization of resources? 
1:30 to 5:50 p.m., June 20 to 22, 2022