Rodgerick T. Begay

Assistant Attorney General, Navajo Nation Department of Justice
Rodgerick T. Begay

Rodgerick T. Begay is Todik'ozhi, born for Biih bitoodnii, maternal grandparents are Kinyaa’aanii, paternal grandparents are Tsi’naajinii. Rod grew up on the Navajo Nation in the communities of Whippoorwill and Tselani-Cottonwood. Rod and his wife have been together since high school and have a son and three daughters. Rod is a Chinle Wildcat and received his undergraduate degree from Arizona State University and earned his law degree from the University of Tulsa College of Law. He returned home and has dedicated his entire legal career to serving the Dine by holding several legal positions within the Navajo Nation government. He has worked for the Chinle and Window Rock District Courts. Rod was formerly appointed and confirmed as Deputy Attorney General. He currently leads the DOJ Chapter Unit as an Assistant Attorney General where he shares and applies his expertise in Navajo Municipal Law to the 110 Navajo Nation Chapter governments and to the Division of Community Development. He is licensed to practice law in the State of Arizona and on the Navajo Nation.

(from Navajo Nation Department of Justice website)


  • J.D.