Summer Courses 2022

Summer Course Series 2022 (Online)

Our 3-day accelerated courses are based on over two decades of research on Indigenous governance conducted by the Native Nations Institute. The curriculum includes on-the-ground research, analysis, and case studies by the people who literally wrote the book on Indigenous nation building.



Comparative Legal Systems & Their Role in Nation Building

Robert A. Williams, Jr.

ONLINE: June 20-22, 2022. 8am-12:20pm (PST)

An investigation of the role that law plays in the lives of Indigenous peoples and in their on-going efforts to secure their rights of equality, tribal self-governance, and self-determination.


Native Economic Development

Joan Timeche, MBA

ONLINE: June 20- June 22, 2022. 1:30PM-5:50PM (PST)

An exploration of the Indigenous governance issues surrounding economic development as a tool for helping Indigenous Peoples achieve their nation-building and tribal self-governance goals on their own terms.

Cheryl Ellenwood JIT Faculty
Danielle Hiraldo JIT Faculty

Indigenous Organizations

Cheryl Ellenwood, MA & Danielle Hiraldo, MPA, PhD   

ONLINE: June 23-25, 2022. 1:30PM-5:50PM (PST)

An examination of Indigenous organizations and Indigenous organizational concepts through the lens of Native Nation building and the role of community-based organizations (Indigenous-led and Indigenous-serving) as key stakeholders.